The Scientist Who Became Contemporary Artist: Carsten Höller

The Scientist Who Became Contemporary Artist: Carsten Höller

You might only discovered his recent Prada installation last winter in Miami, but German artist Carsten Höller have been around in the art world for a long time. His modern art installations offer deep visual and intellectual experience notably his latest one at the Gagosian New York last year. Höller must famous work includes an ongoing series of contemporary sculptures, fly agaric mushrooms and corkscrewing tubular metal slides.

Using his scientific knowledge in his artwork, Höller primary concerns relate to the nature of human perception and self-exploration. He has undertaken many projects that invite viewer participation and interaction while questioning human behavior, perception, and logic.

To Höller, museums and galleries are places of experimentation, offering a space and time where you can try things out that you can’t try otherwise’ as well as the opportunity for “large-scale experiments with people”.

A crop of magic mushrooms hanging upside-down (2000) from the ceiling, with the modern sculptures Höller aims to disorient and by doing so, stimulate precognitive moments of pure sensation.


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