Le Bon Marché Tied the Knot with Leandro Erlich

Le Bon Marché Tied the Knot with Leandro Erlich

Parisian department store Le Bon Marché has invited Argentine artist Leandro Erlich, to create few installations with the most striking of all being their famous escalator looking as twisted as a pretzel.

Erlich has paid homage to the City of Light’s changing skies by filling its windows with wispy cloudlike shapes. Surreal cloud formations will be projected on a giant screen erected under the store’s glass roof. Meanwhile, a bank of fake elevators promises to further scramble visitors’ perception.

“I am mainly interested in transforming elements that you believe can’t be transformed, can’t be different. It’s about the utopia of presenting the possibility of transforming what exists into something else, and this action invites us to imagine reality in a different way,”


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